50 Days Until 2015 Massillon Tiger Football Season
 With 50 Days remaining until the start of the Massillon Tiger Football Season.  Let’s share some  of the names who wore the #50 over the years. I will add them to the list as you submit them. Most recently: Devin Williams 2014 Captain – OL Photo Credit: Bill Garman
Welcome to the “new” MASSILLON PROUD
Welcome to the new Massillon Proud! What can you expect to see here? Massillon Proud will be a football heavy community based blog. I am not going to mince the fact that we are football town first. It is who we are and I am here to tell you to …
Massillon Proud 2015
MASSILLON PROUD 2015 Massillon Proud is in the process of being reborn. Massillon Proud 2015 will be re-launched without internet forums. For forum conversation please visit www.massillon.com