39 Days Until 2015 Massillon Tiger Football Season

39 39 Days remaining until the start of the Massillon Tiger Football Season. It’s not always easy to come up with numbers, pictures or  information to correspond with the dates in the countdown. Hence, why I have been slightly delayed in updating the countdown.  Fear not as I have come up with a new idea.

While pouring over historical documents in the Massillon Tiger Football – Studer Library; I come across some crazy things I have never heard of. The history of our program is deep and when you read about it you are dumbfounded at how things have evolved to what they are today.

Most recently I have been chronicling the earlier 1900’s of the football program. There are a lot of minor discrepancies in what was considered a game and what was an exhibition. Much of this is up for debate today, but that story is for a later date. What I want to share with you today are some stories of unbelieveable fortitude of the players of the early 1900’s.

As I read through the history of past games I found myself chuckling at unbelievable, but seemingly true gruesomeness of football played in this time period. The below excerpt from a 1907 game vs. Navarre lead me to begin this blog.

It almost seemed like a shame to take the money. Had it not been for the present financial stringency they probably wouldn’t have taken it. When the Massillon high school football team took one good look at the Navarre bunch, that claimed to be a football team, it went over behind the goal posts and had a good laugh, collectively and individually. It was such a horrible cinch. To say that Navarre was outweighed would be expressing it mildly. It was over whelmed. Strangest of all, the center, Hodgson, had a wooden leg which did not seem to affect his playing qualities in the least, except that he could not be counted on for any long end runs. When he planted his wooden stump in the mud of the gridiron it was no easy matter for the Massillon line to smash through his position.

You can’t make this kind of stuff up! With that I will say Go Tigers!